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Marcelo Steinmander and EWM Realty International share the same vision on a daily basis: Implementing the standard of excellence in the South Florida Real Estate market. This daily goal is led by Marcelo’s drive to deliver unrivaled real estate expertise to each and every one of his clients that not only matches their expectations, but exceeds them in every aspect.

Highly reputable as a problem solver and selling expert, Marcelo began his career as a Realtor® in 2012 as Real Estate always seemed to him as a “great place to build long lasting relationships”. Thanks to his passion and unparalleled work ethic, he has quickly established his presence as one of the most respected agents in the community whose work and production stand out as exemplary, often receiving accolades and setting neighborhood sales records.

For him and his staff, going the extra mile and ensuring the satisfaction of every client through the unparalleled use of knowledge, skillfulness, and professionalism is the most important outcome. Between his vast business network with individuals in South Florida and overseas, his considerable tools at his disposal as well as his consummate commitment to every listing that he’s involved with, it is no surprise that consumers keep contacting Marcelo to accomplish their real estate goals.

Marcelo’s proven methods combine the best of both worlds as he integrates the latest in technology while still ensuring outstanding customer service for both Buyers and Sellers. With him, Buyers can receive the knowledge and expertise throughout the search and negotiation process and Sellers can guarantee a top dollar sale with the use of Marcelo’s proven marketing plan, which ensures that every home reaches the masses of every prospect looking for Real Estate in South Florida no matter where they are from.

As a Downtown Miami and Miami Beach specialist, Marcelo is also the lead author and contributor of The Miami Observer, an exclusive site that’s locally known to provide the latest facts and information on the Downtown Miami and Miami Beach real estate market.
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