Adventures In Miami: Ultra Edition

Downtown Miami- This past weekend, Miami’s core didn’t beat its normal tune: It wobbled instead with a force that could be heard from miles away. Although I always go to some events in Miami Music Week, I usually abstain from going into Ultra. Nevertheless, since I was on my way out from showing a property this past Saturday in the Vizcayne development, I knew I had to bring my camera along as I often do for adventures that are fit for a post in the site. I didn’t know it that afternoon but now I’m very lucky I chose to do so, as it gave way to this wonderful story.

Miami’s core doesn’t beat during Ultra. It wobbles

Traffic, as always this time of the year, was not the best. With thousands of attendees taking over the streets of Miami, the gridlock crawled like a seesaw with Biscayne Blvd shutting down most of its lanes. It was definitely not the happiest day for either the motorists trying to stay out of the party and simply go home.  Luckily I was on foot the whole time and managed to avoid that headache. The noise of the performers overflowed through the street like waves of sound that could be felt past the buildings. It was incredibly loud the whole afternoon. It was chaotic at best and the fact that there was a Heat game down the street didn’t help with the mess.

But even in the midst of all the chaos, I couldn’t help but notice that the prevailing mood was happiness. Wherever I could see there were people with smiles from ear to ear, making their way inside the festival. Some were old, some were young, some had been coming for over a decade and for others this was their first time having adventures in Miami.

The Miami Observer Adventures Ultra


Adventures The Miami Observer

At the end of the day, I try going beyond just giving real estate advice and when it comes to introducing my hometown I always enjoy talking to those who don’t live here. I had some very interesting conversations that day with many of the festival goers. One in particular, a veteran of the music industry, mentioned how pleased he is to see everything that’s happening within the city and how every year he comes back “there’s a new building getting built somewhere”


The Miami Observer adventures
A native from Sao Paulo, Brazil attending Ultra for the first time.

Another person I met that day is the girl above, who was trying her best to find a ticket at the last minute. A native from Brazil, she was not fluent in English and had been left by her friends outside the festival on her own. Although I know a little bit of Portuguese and I’m fluent in Spanish, it still took me at least 5 minutes to finally understand what she wanted. Getting a ticket to Ultra at the last minute is not easy. Between the issue of scammers selling fake tickets and very few selling at the last minute, getting Ultra tickets can prove just as hard as getting a ticket to the chocolate factory. Luckily for her and with the help of some phone calls I made to someone I knew, she was able to score a ticket and join her friends one hour later 🙂


Bottom Line

Having the opportunity to observe Ultra instead of attending it was unique in every way, shape, and form. The opportunity of seeing all the action from behind a camera lens and from the outside made me realize how much Miami has grown over the last few years. Most importantly, it was an unforgettable weekend that gave me the chance to meet many new friends from all across the globe, who also promised to stay in touch.

For more information on Ultra Music Festival please click here. As always, thanks for reading our real estate posts as well as our small adventures throughout the city!


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