Amazing Properties With Not So Amazing Pictures


One of the most important factors to good real estate advertising comes down to one factor: Pictures. I may go as far as saying that it might be just as important as pricing, especially in luxury listings.

Pictures not only set a good first impression, but it may sometimes be enough to close the deal without even showing the property. Does selling a unit sight unseen sound too good to be true? I agree, it sounded impossible to me at first.  But then I look at all the sight unseen deals I’ve done in the past and it always comes down to one factor: The advertising was so impeccable, the buyers felt comfortable enough placing an offer without seeing it first.

Writing for The Miami Observer reminds me of these factors all the time and how important it is to have impeccable advertising. Thanks to our internet exposure, we’ve been able to blog about some of the best condos in Downtown Miami area to any worldwide location that has a computer access. Nevertheless, we’ve run into a very unfortunate discovery: Some of the best priced units don’t often have the best pictures.

Below is a list of units I found with not so great photos of them. I don’t want to stir up trouble so I won’t mention the unit number or the person that has it. Enjoy the views if you can 🙂

Amazing Properties With Not So Amazing Pictures


#1 – Taken With A Microwave

Of all the photos in the list, this one easily had to come first. My first thought upon seeing this was “someone took this picture with a microwave”.

The listing itself has no pictures of the unit itself but just 3 or 4 more pictures of the building’s amenities that look just like the one above. It’s a shame, especially since the subject is a high floor unit at Marina Blue, which has amazing panoramic views of the city and the bay. Great selling points for a condo in the area. Microscopic, blurry pictures? Not so much.


#2 – Use Your Imagination


What you’re seeing above is the sole listed picture of a $1,650,000 condo at Marquis. The remarks describe everything you’d expect in a luxury unit: amazing views, amenities, and location. On the other end, the picture does not even do justice to the development’s front sign.


#3 – The Vintage Filter

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a listing with a time stamped picture. Nevertheless, I’ve never seen one as old as this one. When this picture was taken:

  1. George W. Bush was still in office.
  2. I was still in my sophomore year of high school.
  3. Beijing was about to host the Olympics, not Rio.
  4. Michael Jackson was still on tour.

You know it’s time for a new picture when any/all of the above apply. It shouldn’t be hard to take them, especially since as per the report, the unit is vacant.

For the record, this is an $800,000 listing.


#4 - The microscope
#4 – Taken With A Microwave Pt. 2


It happens more often than most people think it does. Please refer to picture #1.


I took a long look at some of these listings and I felt relieved knowing that these units weren’t my own personal listings. I also felt relieved to know that I wasn’t the one representing these Sellers. My clients know that in addition to running the page, one of my biggest commitments as an agent includes having each one of my listings professionally photographed and sometimes even filmed prior to putting it on the market.


Best way to ensure top quality pictures: Hire an agent that has its own photographer
Best way to ensure top quality pictures: Hire an agent who has each listing professionally photographed.


A market as competitive as the one we face today requires a higher level of service and attention to detail in order to achieve the best possible results. I personally believe that every condo in Downtown, no matter which building it is or how big or small the unit may be, should get the same care and attention as any other.

As always, our story would not be complete without our usual last word at the end! We specialize and work primarily in Downtown Miami and its vast array of condos. Contact us today at 305-305-3885 if you’re interested in buying or selling in the area. You can also reach us at

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