Centro Condos Are Already Hitting The Market

Centro Miami

It was only a matter of time until they would appear. It’s only been a few months since Centro was completed and there are several resale units already available on the market. Let’s take a moment to chat about one of Downtown’s newest additions to its skyline.

The new building, one of the newest in Downtown Miami, features a rooftop pool, penthouse recreation area, lounge, fitness facilities and a 24 hr lobby. I stopped by a few days ago and everything looked immaculate from top to bottom. I was pleased not only by the amenities but also the high level of detail on some of the units I previewed. All of them came with italian cabinetry, high efficiency appliances and custom fixtures which complimented the loft style floor plans.

The main highlight of the building, unsurprisingly, is its enviable location. Living on the corner of SE 1st St and 2nd Ave means living in the <3 of the city. Everything from world class restaurants, parks, and entertainment centers is just a few steps from the front door. I personally enjoy the fact that the building’s name is true to its meaning.


Centro Miami
The pool at Centro



Most of the word on Centro, however, revolves on the fact that the building has no parking. Since its inception, the building’s concept involved maximizing its space and emphasizing its walk able location, ditching the traditional parking garage base in favor of having the owners rely on local transportation to get around. Other developments nearby, Related Group’s Loft I and II also follow the same concept. Nevertheless, unlike Centro, which has no parking at all, Loft I and II have an agreement with the Miami-Dade College parking garage, located across the street from both buildings. I see the developer’s point of view to remove the parking garage (especially on this site) but I can also see why this could be a deal breaker to some. Having its occupants ditch the parking may seem for some like a bold move but one that could pay off in the near future. More projects such as Centro show the possibility of Miami becoming a more pedestrian friendly city similar to New York or other cities worldwide.

Personally, I’m all in favor of parking-less buildings, especially whenever i’m sitting in my car during rush hour in Brickell.

As of the time i’m writing this, I found 34 properties for sale across the entire building. The price point was from $220,000 to up to $640,000 for a 2 bedroom penthouse on the 36th floor. I strongly suggest visiting the pool, which has amazing 360 degree views of the city. Some of my clients have asked for my opinion of the building and what my thoughts are regarding its features. I personally believe that Centro is a tremendous opportunity for anyone as long as they don’t see themselves troubled by the parking. The finishes and the amenities are fantastic and so is the location. Part of the glamour to living in this part of town is the opportunity to ditch the car and avoid the lines. For anyone that lives and plays in Downtown and gets what I’m saying, this is a perfect option.

For more information about Centro please call us today at 305-305-3885 or send us a message here. We’ll be happy to schedule a private tour of the building for you. Our specialty is Downtown Miami Real Estate. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in buying or selling in the area.


Some of the units available for sale mention valet parking and some a one year complimentary parking deal with a nearby garage. I just wanted to point this out in order to be thorough. There is no parking garage in the building but there are parking options available.