Chad Oppenheim Discusses Ten Museum Park

Ten Museum Park

Whomever said that looking at Youtube videos late at night is a waste of time probably didn’t get as lucky as I did. While most viewers end up in the popular site to watch videos of cats playing on keyboards, it wasn’t the case for me. A simple search on the site led me to find one of the most comprehensive discussions I’ve ever found on Ten Museum Park.

The video, posted by Architectural Record in February 2016, provides a very clear idea on the development’s vision and goal. It features Chad Oppenheim, Principal of Oppenheim Architecture, discussing  the design decisions that were part of the building process. He also gives greater insight on the overall concept of the development and why some of the ideals were done in a certain way. Some of these include:

  • The overall functionality of the units
  • The minimalist approach of the building design
  • Interlocking the 2 bedrooms floor plans facing east towards Biscayne Bay
  • How the building stands out when compared to other developments in Park West

Overall, it’s  a must see! The video helps grasp the vision and lifestyle that Ten Museum Park has hoped to accomplish since its construction.

Enjoy the video!

                                       Chad Oppenheim Discusses Ten Museum Park

All content belongs to Architectual Record

Not bad for a random Youtube search. It’s also not bad for a video that’s less than 5 minutes long.

Although the video was published last February,I believe the contents of it was done several years ago. I haven’t been able to confirm but I believe it was done sometime around 2010-2011 based on the final note. Regardless of the time, getting the exclusive insight on a building from its architect is always priceless. Ten Museum Park has always been considered a “lifestyle building” and prides itself for providing a much different approach to living in Downtown Miami. Mr. Oppenheim’s discussion as provided by the vido should help understand part of its allure.

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