Downtown Miami June 2016 Sales Report

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Welcome to our latest monthly sales report for June 2016! Our reports take pleasure in including all the sales of each individual building in the Downtown area. If you’re interested in a personal copy or would like an extensive report on any of the featured developments call us today at 305-305-3885 or send us a message here. Don’t see your community? Let us know and we will have it featured for you! Properties were listed and sold by various South Florida MLS participants from June 1st to June 30th, 2016.

First and foremost, I apologize in advance for the delay. In addition to running the site, I’ve also been running all over town servicing both my listings and buyers. It’s sometimes tricky to handle so much but I make it work somehow.

On the bright side, now that June is long gone I can be certain that every deal is closed an accounted for and it’s safe to say it was a very active month in the market. In total, 46 sales closed during the 30 day period, with a total dollar volume in excess of $22 million dollars. Despite the fact that multiple variables can alter the course of how markets interact, I believe that the surge in sales is partly due to price reductions and adjustments among the listings. Based on the inventory sheet, 29 of the 46 listings, or 64% of all listings that sold, had a price reduction prior to going under contract.

As time goes by, I hope that more and more Sellers continue paying attention to the current market statistics and proceed with a realistic asking price.

For the breakdown on sales please see below (buildings with no sales for the month are not included on the list, better luck next month!). In addition, I also want to mention that I set up the data differently this month. Let me know if this is a better way!

June 2016 Miami


           June 2016 Sales Report – Downtown Miami

Total Transactions:46

($) Volume:$22,674,584

Highest Priced Sale: One Miami #3809 – $1,700,000


One Miami condos for sale
One Miami’s #3809, a 4/4 1/2 unit was the highest priced sale of June 2016


Complex NameList Price#Beds#FB#HBAddressSale Price
One Miami1,800,000441#38091,700,000
1800 Club1,135,000330#42011,015,000
Ten Museum Park989,000221#1501885,000
Quantum On The Bay899,000331#PH4901873,500
One Miami839,000320#1423800,000
Marina Blue710,000221#2508670,000
Met 1649,900220#T-3110580,000
Met 1649,00022 #3716627,500
Marina Blue615,90022 #2712590,000
1800 Club 599,00022 #2209570,000
50 Biscayne595,00022 #2206585,000
Met 1590,00022 #T-2516550,000
The Grand575,000220#A-1131525,000
Ten Museum Park539,713221#4106505,000
900 Biscayne Bay530,000120#2805490,000
The Grand529,00022 #A-3636460,000
900 Biscayne Bay529,000120#4505480,000
900 Biscayne Bay515,000120#2903490,000
Met 1509,90022 #T-1816495,000
One Miami469,90022 #3922460,000
50 Biscayne449,00032 #4004440,000
One Miami439,000110#UPH-03420,000
Quantum On The Bay429,90022 #4011415,000
The Grand420,000220#A-1240400,000
900 Biscayne Bay415,00022 #2610407,500
900 Biscayne Bay400,000120#3610395,000
Vizcayne399,90022 # 409378,000
Quantum On The Bay390,000221#2714380,000
The Grand379,000110#A-3037355,000
Loft II330,000220#1413300,000
50 Biscayne299,000110#3005280,000
Quantum On The Bay275,000111#4019255,000
One Miami254,900010#3320250,000
50 Biscayne232,50001 #603232,500
Loft II229,90011 #1909215,000
50 Biscayne210,000010#508209,000
Loft II189,000110#1007165,000
Opera Tower189,00001 #3007180,000
Opera Tower185,000010#2107185,000
Flagler First Condo149,90001 #306149,900
Baywalk135,68011 #103160,184

Source: Miami Association of Realtors. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

As always, We hope you enjoyed the June 2016 sales report and hope you find it useful! We look forward to hearing from you again for our July sales report. It shouldn’t be long before then.

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