A Word Of Encouragement For The Miami Heat

Miami Heat

Today I wanted to take a quick moment before tonight’s game. Anyone who knows me personally and has met me outside of work knows I’m a big fan of the Miami Heat. I may not be a basketball analyst or a sports blogger, but since one of my favorite teams is in the midst of a heated (no pun intended) battle with the Toronto Raptors and are trailing 2-1, as a firm believer in positive thinking, what better way to get ready for tonight’s game besides writing this letter of encouragement?

Yes, I get it. We don’t have our main starters. Chris Bosh is out for the playoffs and Heat Center Hassan Whiteside is also currently sidelined due to an MCL sprain. The last few games, including the ones that were won were also nail-biters. But if there’s one thing the Miami Heat is known for it’s to show up guns blazing when playing at home. No better example of that was last Saturday’s loss, where Dwyane Wade scored 38 points and played one of the most stellar 3rd quarters I’ve seen in a long time.

The team has what it takes to bring a victory home.

When I first started going to games at the AAA, I did it because it was a nice way to spend an evening with friends rather than follow the team. Little by little, It’s turned into a bit of a hobby, a chance to step out of the office and witness a great spectacle. Now it’s part of my routine to go to at least one game and cheer for the team. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, try going to a game or two if you live in the area.


Miami Heat
Looking forward to a great game tonight. Source: Miami Heat Twitter.


The Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors are set to play Game 4 of the Conference Semi-Finals tonight at The American Airlines Arena at 8:00 pm ET. Tickets available here.

Go Heat!

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