Good Morning Miami! Get A Look At The Skyline

miami skyline

Earlier this morning I stumbled upon this video and needless to say, I thought it was so well done I felt I had to share it with everyone else today. With the use of one of their products, the folks of Drone Nerds, local drone experts based in Aventura, captured these stunning views of the Miami skyline on a bright and sunny morning. The result is a fresh new outlook of the city and its surroundings.

Sometimes, the most beautiful statements can also be the simplest. Unlike other videos I’ve seen in the past, this one contains no narration, graphics, or details of what is being shown. Although I always enjoy the sharing of information, somehow I understood why it’s not included and thought it was better video without it. Instead of over saturating the content, the video allows viewers to glance Miami with no preconceived notions and just enjoy this unique portrayal of a city known by many from its surface but not from its core . With less details, I was able to discern the harmony of the buildings alongside nature and the water in a view that gave me a reminder as to why I chose to work here in the first place.


You can see the video below. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!



All credits go to Drone Nerds, pilots Andrew Adams and Patrick Wieland.

Song: ODESZA – Kusanagi


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