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Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a city that evokes an immense variety of emotions. For those who call it home, many, including myself, will testify on the city’s special ability to blend itself to one’s daily life. Endless days and nights could be spent in the sandy shores of South Pointe, riding up and down the boardwalk, or LIVing it up with friends in one of its many renowned dance clubs.

It has become the destination where you can see and be seen and where many aim to be somebody rather than someone.

Today, however, I won’t be talking about the usual Miami Beach of always, past and present. Today I’m talking about my own personal Miami Beach, seen and observed from my private corners of the city.

Instead of discussing about the places that everyone goes to, I have decided to dedicate this post to some of my favorite “hiding” spots in Miami Beach. Some of them are well known, while others are essentially random places anyone likely that many might know about, but never thought of seeing.

Nevertheless, since some of them were also my “spots” while growing up, these are very special locations for me. In a way, they still serve as the places where I can relax, reminisce, and also escape.


My Personal Spots In Miami Beach

#1 – Flamingo Park

1200 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Flamingo Park is a local treasure for me because of how much I can accomplish in one single location. Since there aren’t many synthetic tracks in Miami, this is where I often go running during the early morning hours while wearing my high school track and field spikes.

It’s also a highly underrated spot to meet new people, play a game of soccer, and also a phenomenal place to just kick back and relax. Nowadays, because of my schedule, I usually just go to Flamingo Park for a quick run before work.


Meridian Ave Miami Beach

#2 – Meridian Ave Between 5 & 15th

221 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Meridian Avenue is one of the most charming streets of Miami Beach and it runs all the way to Mid-Beach. My favorite sector, however, is right between 5th and 15th St along the Art Deco District.

The shade of the trees and the unique blend of modern and vintage South Beach architecture makes it the perfect street to go for a walk or bike ride. Thanks to the unique walkability of the surrounding community in Miami Beach, everything from shops to malls is just moments away from any given spot on Meridian Avenue.

 If you’re looking for more of a thrill, I also recommend long boarding down Meridian Avenue, especially if you’re heading down to South of Fifth where the pavement is smoother 😉

Note: 221 Meridian Ave is the approximate spot where I took the picture above. I’m pretty certain it’s around 2nd and Meridian Ave but I don’t remember exactly.

Miami Beach sunset

#3 – The Little Park That Overlooks Miami Between The Waverly And The Flamingo

West of 14th St & Bay Rd 

Because of my love of sunsets and views, this is arguably one of my personal favorites.  This is, in my opinion, the best spot to see the sunset in Miami Beach. You can often find me here at the end of a day, reading a book, or just watching the sunset. Watching the buildings in Downtown Miami begin to light it up from here is stunning.

The location of the park is not even a park but just a designated spot between the Flamingo and Waverly condo developments. The only people I often see here are just the residents of the buildings heading out for walk. On the several occasions I’ve been there, it’s very quiet and very peaceful. There’s rarely anyone here.

I highly recommend this one, just be careful not to fall over the edge!

Miami Beach

#4 – The Rooftop Of The Parking Garage Behind My Office On 41st St.

This is literally my favorite spot in Miami Beach. Out of all the times I’ve been here I’ve yet to find someone else. This is where I come relax, meditate and gather my thoughts after a long day of work. Since it’s right behind my office, it’s also an extremely convenient spot for me. 

Some of you may still be wondering how a 5 story parking structure in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami Beach is special to me. Nevertheless, I am certain that one glance at the views from the upstairs rooftop would prove my point. Watching the city from up there is a delight.

In Conclusion

Part of living in any city is always about finding yourself in it and with these spots, this is how I found my place in Miami Beach. If you’re looking to for ways to feel more at home with the city in which you live, then this is a great way to do so.

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