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Downtown Miami perfect

If you thrive in times of mayhem, this is the perfect week to be in Miami.

Spring has now arrived along with the fanfare of Music Week as its companion. The pool parties, a timeless tradation, have already filled the rooms of the most notable hotels in the city. The beaches are  packed and the traffic is already getting even worse, even on off hours. And last but not least, we’ve seen the lineups of everything from a warehouse party in Wynwood and the big stage of Ultra. The traffic will get worse through the week and it’s going to get chaotic to the point where I’ve already postponed my appointments in Downtown for next week instead. 

Besides the fact that my real estate activities are always ongoing all year long, I will do my best to provide coverage of the events I end up participating in throughout the weekend. A perfect way to connect with me is to follow me on instagram at @marcelosteinmander  to stay in touch with me directly during the times in which I’m not writing at the Miami Observer.

Despite all the chaos, I must admit: What a wonderful time it is to be in the city this week 🙂

Helpful Links

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Important note: While we are always the first in advocating for a great time, be mindful of others enjoying themselves as well. Please avoid drinking and driving to and from events. Be polite! especially with folks that may be out of town and may not know how to get around. Most of all, try to stay out of the evening news. If jumping out of your balcony towards the pool sounds like a good idea to you, it’s not.

If you would like to buy or sell real estate in Downtown Miami contact us today at 305-305-3885 or send us a message here ! We specialize in the Downtown Miami market and our knowledge in the area has already helped dozens of others achieve their real estate goals! 


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