Quick Note To All Readers

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to you all from wherever you may be reading this letter from.

Today, I write to you all during a rainy Labor Day weekend in Miami to share a brief note. Don’t worry, i’m not sick or anything like that! But there’s some slight changes coming.

Over the next few weeks and also in the near future, I will begin using The Miami Observer to publish a new set of real estate related content that will be different from previous entries I’ve written in the past. No title exists for them yet but most of you will notice that the writing style, message and content will be much different than my real estate reports or any of my market analyses.

These new stories will have less emphasis on data, and instead will be far more vocal on my own personal observations than my factual, data driven reports. These posts will revolve around:

  • My personal reflections while living and interacting with others in this city during my daily activities.
  • Some of the obstacles I’ve dealt with and that others may also be dealing with.
  • Ideas I feel worth sharing on how to improve and solve some of the challenges that exist in Miami today.

Although I haven’t yet posted any of these new stories, I know ahead of time that my views and observations will not always be agreed by everyone that reads them. 

The Miami Observer is my site and will always serve as a place where I can freely share my thoughts but having said that, the posts that contain my personal opinions are solely mine and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the brokerage that I work for and its employees. I am a licensed real estate agent affiliated with EWM Realty International and many of my posts are an extension of my work as a local agent in Miami and Miami Beach. The posts that are based on my opinions and my opinions alone will mention that.

Before I end this update and as excited as I am to write more about my opinions and ideas, let me assure everyone that the site will still continue to publish its regular content such as market trends, advice, and sales reports. This is not a departure from my regular observations but instead an expansion into some newer ones.

Until next time,




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