Thoughts And Reflections On 2016


 It’s a bit past 11 pm on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks, already in full display, could be seen from a distance lighting up among the clouds. The TV was on, holding the living room hostage with its traditional end of the year programming. As an occasional fan of going out and partying, a common Miami custom among my peers, I was going to put on my finest threads and say adios to 2016 with a smile.

It all seemed like the typical end of the year until the moment my body decided to host a slumber party instead.

My eyes grew tired and weary. I started feeling sluggish, almost stagnant in a way. I ultimately said “forget it” to myself and cancelled my plans. At that moment, the thought of going out and leaving my house started to seem as pleasant as doing homework from back in high school. It didn’t take long for me to simply put my head down and simply “shut down the computer”.

Long story short, instead of counting down the new year in some club in South Beach, 2016 came to its end as I slept for 10 hours straight until the next morning. There was no champagne, no bottle service, or even the company of my best friends.

To some extent, it almost seemed like the right way to close 2016. Like myself in this instance, Downtown Miami’s market has slept into its current slumber since the beginning of last year, with subdued demand forcing some Sellers to cut prices, developers to postpone projects, and buyers to flex their negotiation muscles before making a move. In addition, having the U.S election, a couple of celebrity deaths, and destruction across other countries and all of a sudden, there’s a new candidate for “worst year ever”. Let me be clear, I love going to parties. But celebrating without a clear motive doesn’t make sense to me either.

With all the uncertainty we saw on all levels in our lives, closing the year with an unscheduled sleeping session now seems appropriate for the occasion. For many, it was due time for 2016 to meet its demise after all the mayhem that went one. In my particular case, I was just tired that day so it made sense to sleep.

That’s all in the past of course. Today is a new day of work for a brand new year that is yet to find its own identity. One of my main objectives this year includes using The Miami Observer not just as a medium for real estate information but also as a medium to make Miami a better place to be. At the end of the day, our real estate is nothing but a symbol of the of the people that live in it. There’s a lot that can be done to help our community improve and many stories out there that haven’t been told. I encourage everyone reading this to help make 2017 a memorable year for all.

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