Selling In 2016? Follow These Tips First

Selling real estate can be a very exciting journey from the moment it hits the market all the way to the closing table. As far as I can remember, one of the main reasons I chose to open a real estate practice is the sheer happiness I get not only from helping others, but also the act of looking at something and knowing that I “sold” it. To this day it continues to be a huge motivator for my business.

Nevertheless, one undisputed element to the whole process always comes down to the following: selling is by no means a game. If it were up to me, I would describe the process of selling as an experiment, one in which its success depends on how well prepared it is. No matter how problematic the transaction may be, one undeniable observation I can attest to is that the more prepared you are and the better your strategy is, the better will your results be.

I’ll say it again:

The more prepared you are and the better your strategy is, the better will your results be.


By strategy, we don’t expect you to get a college degree in algorithms before listing your home, It comes down instead to following some proven tips to help make the selling process easier to handle and yield a better selling price. Below you will find some of our suggestions that will help anyone take the right direction


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1- Do You Really Want To Sell?

Like chess, it is vital to have a clear idea on your plans before making a move. For many Sellers (and we’re all guilty of it), it can often be difficult to say goodbye to something with as much significance as the place you live. While Buyers may be seeing  one of my listings as one of many others on the market, Sellers see their home instead, the setting where their children first grew up in or  perhaps many other unforgettable memories. Understanding your plans and having a clear idea on your decision to move may seem obvious but this can often be the most important step. Have a heart to heart conversation with yourself or your loved and ask yourselves: Do I/We really want to sell?

2-Get Your Paperwork Ready

Applicable warranties? Floor plans? Details on any improvements you’ve done? Yes! they’re useful! Have these on hand from the moment you say “sell”. In addition to that, if you’re planning on selling the home in “AS IS” condition as most other resales, remember to have a seller’s disclosure signed and prepared outlining the state and details of the property as per the best of your knowledge. As agents, we always have them prepared for all our clients and have them uploaded online for buyers to review and consider.

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Have your papers ready. You’ll be glad you did


3- Declutter Declutter Declutter

This one is a must in order to ensure the best impression possible. Clutter and junk will make even the most luxurious houses look undesirable.  Think of this as your time to help make your property stand out from the rest. It’s not a matter of staging your home (although we recommend it) but instead making sure that the property creates a positive impact for every buyer out there. If you’ve never done a garage sale here is your chance. Clutter can range anywhere from old magazines and items stacked on your desks to your 1990s Furby collection. The extra money you will get from an impressed Buyer will make it worth the effort.


4- Depersonalize

This one is a bit tricky to explain and often a touchy subject. Nevertheless, it’s always a plus to have this conversation. Keep in mind that in the event you put your property on the market, it is the house that’s for sale and not your home. Our recommendation is to try to maintain a neutral tone throughout the house as well as in the rooms. Doing this will help costumers concentrate on the property and not on the people currently living in it.

5 – Clean

Did we mention first impressions? If not please see #3 once again. The time before listing the house is your opportunity to make the house shine again. Take this opportunity to prep your home and avoid any small details that may give Buyers a reason to want to negotiate.


In conclusion, preparation is key in real estate. The more prepared you are the better you’ll be. We hope you find this suggestions useful and wish you the best of luck this year! As always, please feel free to contact us if you’d like our personal recommendations on your particular home.


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A lot of work comes into play before we put one of these in front of a house.



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