Why I Show All Of My Listings In Person

Marcelo Steinmander

Earlier today, I visited my office (Yes, happy Labor Day) and after a few hours of work, I stopped and glanced at the sad state of my battle tested desk. Not only was the worn out desk covered with old paperwork, it was obvious that I hadn’t cleaned it for quire some time.

Like the kitchen of a restaurant after a long night of serving its patrons, my “kitchen” was a complete mess filled with leftover overindulgence.

I found myself feeling a sudden sense of guilt. What kind of person leaves his/her office looking like a war zone? Why didn’t I take the time to organize my cabinets last week? And why was I feeling sad over a simple desk in the first place?

Long story short, it was an awkward phase that lasted just a few seconds, because I also realized that I had just showed one of my listings in person to four different people in one afternoon. The memory of showing one of my new favorite listings changed my mood completely, and then I smiled. 

Showing Your Listings In Person Helps Get The Deal Done

One of the other reasons I also smiled was because one of the prospects that came to see the listing came with many questions. She had questions about the unit, questions about the area, questions about the building, and even questions about whether the questions she was asking were the right questions to ask. Furthermore, she also had never rented a place from anyone before.

Long story short, after answering all her questions, showing all the ins and outs of the unit and providing as much help as I could, she:

  • Thanked me for answering all her questions and for my patience.
  • Appreciated the information I gave her about the unit, the building, and the area.
  • Gave me the opportunity to know more about her needs and determine if this listing would’ve been the right fit for her.

The best part, however, was when she made an offer on the spot 🙂

Now, would this have happened if I had just left the key in the lobby? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that being there helped make the deal happen.

Listings in person

When It Comes To Selling Real Estate On Behalf Of Others, Being There In Person Shows You’re Present

There’s no set approach to selling real estate and I don’t pretend to say that my approach is perfect. Nevertheless, I believe that showing my listings in person is one of the most fundamentals commitments I give to the people that I’m fortunate enough to call my clients for many reasons. A lockbox may help give access to a property during odd hours (not always a good thing) but it doesn’t bring any further value.

I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes, homes may take longer to sell. Sometimes it comes down to the home’s price, its current condition, or maybe a different reason. In most cases (but not always), it all comes down to figuring out what’s holding back the listing and making adjustments. Sometimes, it’s a price adjustment or something as simple as trying a different marketing approach.

With that said, figuring the adjustments out is not an easy task…especially if you’re not there in the first place.

If Selling A Home Is All About A Meeting Of The Minds, Let’s Meet…In Person

Whenever I’m showing the property to another agent with their client, Some (but not all) ask me why I’m there if they’re there to accompany their clients in the first place. Below are my reasons:

  • When I mentioned earlier on that being present helps make a deal happen, I meant it. If a deal can be done I’m ready to get to work.
  • Sometimes, people don’t always agree and a lot of work may need to be done before a solution is found. If that is the case, then there’s no better place to start than at a showing.
  • Sometimes, houses may be more complicated when seen closely. Being there ensures that I’m there to answer any questions.

These are just a few reasons. On a side note, I also like to be there as a:

  • Precaution with the property itself 
  • Because I like to communicate with others by talking when I’m working. I personally don’t enjoy negotiating or trying to do a deal via text.

In Conclusion

If someone needs to see one of my listings, I make sure I can meet them in person. The desk is not going anywhere. Cleaning can wait until after the showings.

Nevertheless, I still cleaned up my office. After all, It is my home away from home.

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