Staying Focused During Coronavirus

How We're Serving You And Remain Productive During This Time

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A few days ago, on April 2nd, I sent an update across all of my social media platforms and via e-mail addressing the current situation regarding Coronavirus. In that update, I expressed my gratitude towards my customers, regardless of how far back our relationship goes, and to the men and women presently engaged in the fight to end the spread of this deadly disease in our various hospitals and testing centers across our community. I also took the opportunity and thought it was important to send a note of support to those that have been affected the hardest by this pandemic, including but not limited to, the many businesses that rely on our patronage. Lastly, I thanked and expressed my gratitude to my family and staff at BHHS EWM Realty, who continue to work diligently in a remote capacity to ensure that perfection can still be a goal to strive for when it comes to being at the service of our customers. Without their drive and dedication, the words I write would not bear any weight nor meaning.

The update itself was concise and to the point, as I hoped it to be. My wish is that it serves as the blueprint on how we plan to continue to maneuver (and not retreat) during these troubling times while continuing to provide a level of value that continues to exceed the expectations of our customers.

In today’s post, I wanted to elaborate further on those ideas and go in greater detail on some of the actions that my staff and I have started to take.

1. Working Remotely

For the past few weeks, my support staff and I have begun working remotely to help continue the social distancing initiatives currently in place. Despite some expected discomforts that come from being in unfamiliar situations, the work continues to be done in a capacity that’s the same or better than before, thanks in part to the help of new software programs and apps that have allowed us to remain connected. We have also placed stricter measures to ensure that deadlines are still met, especially on matters related to contracts as well as the advertising that’s done on our listings.

So far, in my opinion, the changes have taken us some time on our end to adjust but the quality of the work being provided remains outstanding, which for me is the most important goal.

2. Adjustments Regarding Showings

In regards to showing properties, one of the cornerstone activities in our business, I am focusing my efforts on welcoming new tools and expanding further on previously used tools with the help of various vendors we work with. Some of these efforts include:

  • Increasing the amount of property tour videos on current listings
  • Streaming Open Houses through social media apps
  • Arranging for showings via video chat or through apps such as FaceTime
  • Discussing the future use of 3D virtual tours on listings

Lastly, and in situations where it’s still possible to show the property in person, such as in some of my vacant listings, I am moving forward with doing the showing while making sure that all of the necessary precautions are being implemented for everyone’s safety.

While some of the tools above may never compare to seeing a listing in person for some buyers, my goal is that through some of these adjustments, there will be more opportunities to better connect buyers to our listings like the various times in the past in which we’ve successfully done a sale sight unseen.

Some of my listings, including 1601 Bay Rd #5 in South Beach are vacant and easy to show

3. Expanding Our Database

In the spirit of moving ahead and not allowing the present circumstances to hinder us, I am putting a great deal of effort towards expanding our reach, particularly in our online/digital marketing platforms.

Not only are we increasing the amount of content being sent on a recurring basis, but we’re also using this opportunity to create segments within our database to send more specific information that will be sent to the right audiences.

An example of this will be the creation of a new segment in Spanish, where all of our email marketing will be professionally translated and sent to customers that are interested in our products and services but that feel more comfortable conducting business in Spanish. The opportunities here are endless and it’s one of the ideas I’m particularly excited for the most.

The goal of this plan is for the information we’re creating to be focused exclusively on the specific needs and attention of every single customer. In other words: bespoke marketing that’s made to order while at the same time, ensuring that every single one of my listings is available front and center to anyone interested in the Miami real estate market.

4. Supporting Our Community

My most important goal at this time and perhaps the best way to strengthen ourselves is to use this particular event in all of our lives to enrich and provide massive value to our local communities. In addition to doing our part and beyond what we thought we collectively thought we could do, I am setting up ways along with my support team to provide time, energy and knowledge to help and educate others. Some of the ideas I’ve been sharing collectively include:

  • Creating and sharing knowledge in a variety of topics related to real estate, finance, and business planning.
  • Doing our part to help the various charities in our community assist those that will be impacted by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Collaborating with other business professionals in their respective fields and reaching out to past relationships to find ways in which we can help bring more value to our costumers.
  • Being a source of information and knowledge in reference to anything that may affect our local market and housing during this time.

5. Keeping An Eye On The Market

We will be keeping a close eye on the market during this time as we begin to track the immediate consequences of how the pandemic is affecting our inventory. At the moment, my opinion has remained the same to anyone that has asked me the same question on how the market shall react:

It’s too soon to tell.

I expect to have a report on the March 2020 numbers sometime next week, which will serve as the initial glimpse at the direct effect of coronavirus in our market. Over time, this report and future reports will help establish a pattern that will better serve as a reference to be used on any potential decision making circumstances.

Like many of you working from home (hopefully!) and collectively wishing that the difficult times we’re facing due to coronavirus end soon, my past experiences force me to assume that the worst is yet to come. I hope that my assumptions are wrong. Until then, I hope this post better explains our plans to stay focused and hopefully inspires those reading it to also this time to focus on the present and make the best of it.

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