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Today’s post is a gem from the Archives!

This article, which I originally published on The Miami Observer in April 2016, is still one of the ones I share the most to buyers/sellers, especially when I first begin working with them. It helps me set expectations with them from the very beginning, starting with the fundamental principles that helps ensure a smooth transaction.

Most of all, it enables them to know how they can help me as I help them in return. I hope the tips are useful for you as well.

From April 19, 2016

Today I write this post because there’s always room for improvement in this business and also because there’s always a better way to effectively help others. 

As an agent, job satisfaction comes in the form of helping my clients accomplish their goals. This applies on clients but on the buying or selling side. With that said, after doing this for quite a few years already, I know that no matter how careful I can be throughout the process, the transaction is not always as smooth as I’d like.

If you or someone you know plan to begin a relationship with an agent, whether here in Downtown Miami or elsewhere, I hope the tips I’m including below can be of good use.

    Tips To Know While Working With Your Agent


 #1- Tell me more please

This one definitely is a plus!

I would love to have the ability to read into your thoughts and know what you’re looking for right away but unfortunately I’m unable to do so (not yet at least). If you’ve ever had the chance to speak to me over the phone or have seen me speak with a new client, you will notice right away that I ask a lot of questions at the very beginning. The reason I do this is simply to know more about what the buyer/seller’s objectives are. Are you selling to purchase somewhere else? Is there a very specific deadline that must be met? If there’s something you haven’t mentioned that you feel is important don’t be shy to bring it up. The more I know, the better I can help.

#2-Know what you want

If you want to live in the shores of Miami Beach, no problem. If you’d rather pass your time in Downtown, we got your back. It may get complicated, however, if you also want all of the above and also be 5 minutes away from a nursery in Homestead. 

Since I work in Miami and my staff and I deal with all kinds of clients, this one can often be tricky since sometimes you may/may not be sure what you want yet. Nevertheless, it comes down to a simple solution: be clear about your objectives.  It all starts with taking some time in the day to sit down and come up with a concise plan on where you wish to be, when you want it done, and why. Do this and I will be able to show you how.

Plan where you want to be, when you want to be there, and why you want to be there and I’ll show you how to make it happen.

#3-Determining your expectations

I take pride in providing outstanding service and I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped clients from all over the world and all walks of life. That being said, I still ask all of my clients the same questions over and over: “Mr/Ms Buyer/Seller, what do you expect to accomplish out of this experience?”

The days of making assumptions are long gone. Tell me more about what your expectations are so I know how to deliver.

#4-Having trouble? Tell us so we can help

This one for me is the most obvious of all but surprisingly not enough people do this.

My approach to doing business always involves keeping high standards and ensuring long lasting relationships. I also know that there’s no such thing as perfection, and that there’s always room for improvement.

If you feel like things aren’t going the way you expected them to or that sometimes is not being handled right, be open about it so it can be taken care of. I always appreciate constructive criticism, it helps me improve my craft and I’m sure other agents will enjoy it too.

Overall, being able to communicate effectively with your agent is a must for any real estate transaction.

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