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summer 2018

Humidity makes its grand entrance while rain and sun battle it out in the sky to determine who’s mother nature’s favorite child. The Dade county fair has wrapped up, and so are the music festivities of Rolling Loud and Ultra or the pleasing and sometimes disappointing happenings of a Miami Heat basketball season that ended too soon. School’s almost over, and I can tell by my sister’s chatter that some badly needed beach days are approaching.

All the signs now point out that summer 2018 is fast approaching, and I personally can’t wait to celebrate my upcoming 25th birthday and take a day off to go jet skiing after a hectic first half of the year. Time to finally hit the beach and not just sell it!

But aside from the fun of spending some days by the sand, let’s have a chat about what to expect over the next few months.

Summer, for some considered the slow season for the Downtown and Miami Beach market, can actually prove to be a phenomenal opportunity for both buyers and sellers across all price ranges to take advantage of a time slot that’s often not exploited to its full potential. The following tips are some of the various strategies I recommend to have an effective buying and selling strategy and make summer both unforgettable in more than one form.

1- Capitalize On Potential Opportunities

Opportunities can appear at anytime, so don’t put your phone on silent if you’re looking to find a potential deal! I always enjoy summer because while many take advantage of the down time to relax, it has become a special window of opportunity to find bargains on units that didn’t sell earlier in the year and are now looking to make something happen. For some clients of mine, particularly investors and developers, I call the period between June – September the “keep your eyes and ears open season”.

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Sales don’t just stop occurring because everyone’s at the beach playing volleyball, they continue.

2- Develop An Impeccable Strategy

It’s never too early nor too late to prepare an effective strategy for your next real estate endeavor. This is why I allocate a great amount of time each summer by meeting with both buyers and sellers to discuss the market and have a clear set of objectives. Many people fail to do this step in the first place and I can’t stress how helpful it is to do so, regardless of the time of the year.

Ideally, the more time is spent discussing one’s wants and needs, the better, as it will reduce the fear of uncertainty and doubt once it’s time to make a move. This also applies if you’re a buyer that requires financing or are in need of tax advice prior to buying or selling.

3- Stay Hydrated…Seriously

All jokes aside, this one is more important than it may seem. House hunting in the Florida summer isn’t as pretty as it sounds and the sweltering heat can make the most seasoned realtor tap out due to heat cramps.

If you’re coming with me to look at homes over the next few months, I would recommend that you:

  • Get a good night’s sleep, don’t go out and/or drink the day before showings or else you’ll be miserable.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Hydrate the day before showings and bring a bottle of water and/or your favorite sports during the showings.
  • Wear light, comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes, especially if we’re house hunting in the beach or in Downtown.

Follow the steps above and you and I will be ready to find your dream home in no time 🙂

4- Become Acquainted With New Areas Of Interest

Looking to find a place in South Beach but you’ve never been here before? Interested in a new development in Downtown but you’ve always lived in a single family home? 

Now’s your time to explore.

For Miami Beach and Downtown, the most affordable and convenient way is to rent out a citi bike in one of the many bike stations that can be found throughout the entire city.

Miami Beach

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