A Visit To Cafe Alter Ego On NE 3rd Ave

cafe alter ego miami

It’s time to pay a little visit to a new place I found.

It’s a warm Saturday afternoon in the city and hopefully everyone is having a great weekend! I’m currently writing this post in between two appointments I have and since most of you are probably enjoying their day off I’ve decided to keep today’s post light and fun.

One of the biggest objectives of this blog is not only to report the latest real estate information for Downtown Miami but also observe how the city continues to change with new restaurants and businesses opening in the area. Part of what makes this area so attractive is the vast amount of nearby restaurants, shopping and entertainment destinations. For me, knowing the best local spots is just an extension of the service I provide to my clients . Earlier this morning I decided to visit a new spot located right behind 50 Biscayne called Cafe Alter Ego

While Saturday mornings are usually reserved for downtime, my mornings are often a ritual of preparation for my busiest day of the week. One of the most important parts of that ritual besides reading the newspaper is to have a good breakfast prior to tackle the day. Since Cafe Alter Ego opened about 10 months ago, I would always say that I would visit it “the next day” only to put the visit aside for another time. This week I finally committed to stopping by.

The place itself is very cozy and casual, there was a nice Latin soundtrack playing in the background and a seating area on one side of the counter. I was greeted immediately by a man that seemed like one of the owners and offered me a menu. One quick glance at it made me realize that not only is the food on the “healthy” side of the spectrum but also was pleasantly surprised to see how affordable it was. I couldn’t help but notice the $10.99 shrimp and veggies stir fry or the $9.99 Chicken Fajitas Platter. Since I was in a hurry I settled for a grilled cheese sandwich and a shot of espresso and cost me less than $6 for everything plus tip which is not bad at all. I don’t want to jump to conclusions so soon…but guys, I think I found my new favorite morning spot, the place was exactly what I was looking for 🙂

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One sip of this espresso got me ready for the day


Needless to say I love the energy of this family owned restaurant. The food was phenomenal and the service was also just as good. I’m looking forward to coming back again soon and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, affordable food joint.

For more information about Cafe Alter Ego or other local spots in the area be sure to contact us. Thank you as always to everyone committed to supporting local businesses.

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