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If you were the CEO of a company in the middle of a merger with an another company, would you ask a divorce attorney to represent you in the merger just because he was your buddy from back in college? If logical thinking prevails, your senses will indicate that working with an attorney that specializes in corporate law and legal consolidation is the right course to take. After all, we’re dealing with millions, perhaps billions of dollars, legal obligations, and the evaluation of long and short term factors.

Why am I mentioning this? Because Miami Real Estate and other major markets works the same way, yet many fail to follow the model that’s used by those in the corporate world. 

As agents, our job involves:

  • Determine the pricing of a property through analysis
  • Manage the unique expectations and needs of each and every client
  • Handle all necessary paperwork such as disclosures, contracts, and in my case, condominium budgets and questionnaires.

Most importantly, our job is to find solutions and often be the voice of reason in order to make a difficult deal happen. But in some cases, some sellers and some buyers resort to taking advice from someone who may not be the right fit for their goals.

I met with a new client earlier today looking to sell her unit. After doing my presentation, she mentioned to my surprise that I was the first agent out of 4 who actually showed her a price that matched the numbers she found in the building. What did the other agents use? A building across the street that does not event compare to the subject property.

My conclusion, as I explained to my newest client, was that the other agents most likely didn’t know the market and weren’t polite enough to admit it. Instead of studying a sole market, they go and try to sell everything in 3 counties combined.

In the case of working in a highly specialized area such as Downtown Miami and Brickell, where each building is different than the other and each neighborhood provides a different take in our city, why risk navigating through the market with your eyes closed? Just like a ship with no destination, you could wind up shipwrecked or stranded in some deserted island (figuratively of course).Avoiding a difficult situation could be as easy as picking the right “captain for your ship”. Someone who not only has the experience in dealing with transactions but also dealing them in the same market you’re doing business in. In the case of this very specific market sector, I strive to be the go to person when it comes to helping Buyers and Sellers with their goals.


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Real Estate in Downtown Miami is unlike any other. Choosing a local professional over a typical agent will help you navigate among the condo market.


Final Thoughts:Working With Us

To summarize, consumers looking to get the best possible results understand that it pays off to work with an expert. In our case we stand out among others working in the area because:

  • My staff and I study the market inside and out and avoid spreading ourselves too thin. Studying the latest trends and knowing the numbers is one of our top priorities. As author of this blog, I narrow my focus strictly to condos in Brickell and Downtown Miami. Most importantly, we strive to understand what makes each development unique in its own way.
  • We’re not afraid to tell the facts. Our job is to educate and assist our clients to the best of our ability. In some cases, this involves having very candid conversations where the answers may not be what the client wants to hear. One indisputable fact to this approach continues to be our effort to remain truthful in every situation.
  • We don’t cut corners when it comes to our job of selling our listings. Working with us means working with the best. A condo in Miami is just another set of rooms with windows if they’re not marketed well. Our goal is to turn our listings into the dreams and aspirations of those that have the privilege of seeing them.  Visit our marketing plan for more details on our approach to helping your condo stand out among the rest.
  • We’re only as good as the community we serve and sell on a daily basis. In addition to selling Miami we strive to make our city an even better place to live by supporting local businesses, observing with dedication and helping develop bonds of friendships among others in the city.

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